Our team of dancers have appeared at a variety of clubs, private parties and restaurants.

Their dance specializations being:

  • Belly Dance
  • Tribal Fusion Dance
  • Snake Charming
  • Cabaret Shows
  • Sword and Blade Dancing
  • Fetish Shows
  • Sufí Dance optional with Fire
  • Indi Dance
  • Samba with Rua

A belly dance performance with a snake lasts
5-10 minutes

A standard dance show is
10-15 minutes
A show with a variety of artists and music
15-45 minutes

FAQS Snake Dancing
Q: Isn’t it unkind to dance with a snake?
A: The movements made whilst holding the snake are carefully executed so not to upset him/her.
Q: Shouldn’t the snake be left where it belongs; in the wild, in it’s own country?
A: All the snakes we use were born in captivity. The snakes natural habitat is fast being taken over by human habitation. Now, there are more Boa Constrictors kept safe in captivity than in the wild. Incidentally, some species of island Boas have been saved from extinction thanks to being in care. They will be released back into nature when there is again a safe space for them to live naturally.