<h4><span style=»color: #000000;»>Sacred Performances are the group for fire and pyrotechnics at your event. Working with different themes to suit each show and to keep events fresh and unique.</span></h6>

Fire & Pyro shows can be scaled up or down to suit your event.
They include highly experienced fire choreographers to help advise and create bespoke Fire & Pyro shows for an exclusive event .
We use sticks, palms, poi, fans, whips, swords, staffs, hula hoops, fire breathing, crowns, fire Sufi Dance Skirt. Efects like “dragon fire”, “sparkle fire”, “Spiral Pyro».
All equipment is of a high standard and always checked before each show.</span>

<h6><span style=»color: #993366;»>Requirements:</span></h6>

<span style=»color: #000000;»><strong>The minimum space</strong> to perform with <strong>fire</strong> is at least <span style=»color: #993366;»><strong>4 meters</strong></span> in all directions. ‘Dragon Fire’ effects may need more clearance depending how big you want to go.
The minimum space to perform <strong>pyro</strong>: <span style=»color: #993366;»><strong>5 meters</strong></span> for our smallest effect, but the more height clearance you have the bigger the pyro can be.</span>

<h6><span style=»color: #993366;»>The smallest Fire show:</span></h6>

<span style=»color: #000000;»>Is using fire skills creating a close contact routine with specialist tricks.
<strong>Duration of show: <span style=»color: #993366;»>7-12 min</span>
Number of artists: <span style=»color: #993366;»>1 to 3</span> <span style=»color: #993366;»>artists</span></strong></span>

<h6><span style=»color: #993366;»>The largest Fire show:</span></h6>

<span style=»color: #000000;»>Is as big as you want it, providing you have the space! We have fully choreographed shows that can incorporate as many of our skills and equipment that you require. The largest shows are for big sized spaces.
<strong>Duration of show: <span style=»color: #993366;»>10-20 min</span>
Number of artists: <span style=»color: #993366;»>3 to 6 artists</span>

<p style=»line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 10pt;»><span style=»color: #000000;»><strong>CEREMONIES / WEDDINGS / CORPORATE EVENTS / PUBLIC FESTIVITIES / PRIVATE PARTIES / ROCK & DANCE FESTIVAL</p>