Sharing vital changes with others, as support, appreciation or remembrance.
Our mission is to rescue the spirit of rituals to celebrate and honour life.
We are human, we are nature.

We also create meaningful rituals for women:
for the onset of menstruation, pregnancy, menopause.

We celebrate what is important to you.

The rite

A ritual is an act of love for what there is, that allows to honour and celebrate.
“Something” that is not explained, which is manifested in the present. It is invoked, it is incorporated.
It brings us the invisible part of life, to an instant of presence manifested through art, and the sacred. To focus our attention is to focus our love.


Ritualization is what is experienced in the body of each one, transcendent by its nature.
It is to make visible, conscious and readable what already exists and that until now resided in the unconscious..

The process
and dance as ritual

In the first place we create a ritual, then we ritualize it (the ritualization of ritual).
Next, we make sure that this does not become just a formula, a form that has lost its content (its existential function of serving for the fulfillment of the rite in its essence).

The ritual must adapt and also evolve over time. We constantly work to keep it at the service of the rite, in relation to the real situation and not the opposite, ie to impose the form despite its contextual incoherence.

It is necessary to live the ritual and its ritualizations through the play of rhythm, respiratory, gestural and sound energies, so that sensations, perceptions, sculpt and create forms that go beyond us, creating a feeling that changes Our way of being and thinking the world.

Each being in the state of presence is transported by ritualization, and ends up impregnated by the rite of its essence. The breath refreshes the new information of what happens to us, bringing us back “home”.
We remember the Origin.